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Odor Removal

When you walk into a room and it smells “off” it can either mean that your space just needs a thorough cleaning, or it could be indicative of an environmental condition that needs to be remedied in order to stop and prevent the odors from recurring.

An easy solution is the Beyond by Aerus proprietary Hydroxyl Blast Treatment. Odors are typically removed within an hour and it’s effective and safe for your family and pets.

The Beyond by Aerus Hydroxyl Blaster features our exclusive ActivePure® Technology that works quickly to remove pathogens, air pollution, VOCs, surface contaminants and pet dander – resulting in a cleaner, healthier, odor-free home. It’s the perfect fresh air solution you’ve been looking for!


Dehumidify Your Home

Humidity in your home helps foster a breeding ground for bad odors. Relative humidity levels of 55% or higher create optimal conditions for the growth of a variety of harmful microorganisms, which can thrive on organic surfaces such as wood, dirt, cardboard and insulation.

As these microorganisms grow, they release millions of spores into the air, and your basement will begin to develop a moldy, musty unpleasant odor.

When the air humidity in the home rises, these unpleasant odors and allergenic mold spores enter your homes living space. One of the best ways of eliminating odors throughout your home – is to install a dehumidifier system.

Purify Your Air

After dehumidifying a room in your home, it is necessary to use a separate air purfier to provide fresh, clean air. Our advanced air purifiers feature ActivePure® Technology, which is the only air and surface purification system that kills 99.99% of all contaminants both in the air and on the surfaces.

ActivePure Technology is recognized as the only  Certified Space Technology in it’s class by the Space Foundation. This amazing technology is entirely safe, and amazingly effective.

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From 1924 through the turn of the century, we were Electrolux, the clear leader in home cleaning throughout North America. Now, we’re Aerus, a new name for a new generation of products and services designed to help make your home a Healthy Home. All backed by performance so legendary, over 99.8% of our customers recommend Aerus to their friends and family.

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